Transform your excavator into a crusher to get the government founding.

The Hong Kong Government introduced a HK$250 billion per year fund for two primary reasons, to assist builders in growing and transforming their companies. 
The MB crusher mobile jaw crusher has been identified as a necessary tool to:
  •     promote productivity;
  •     improve site safety;
  •     enhance environmental performance.
BF120.4 mounted on a Doosan 380 is crushing basalt.

Companies that will purchase the BF120.4 will be entitle to the construction innovation and technology found (CITF), which means that the government will pay back 70% of the cost of the machine.

Not only. By having a mobile crusher made by MB Crusher you can save a lot of money: 

  • transport costs;
  • landfill costs;
  • acquisition costs.
BF120.4 on a Liebherr recycling demolition material on-site.

The BF 120.4 classified as suitable equipment as it fulfil all the requirement needed. By simply attaching this equipment to the excavator it is transformed into a mobile jaw crusher, and it is operated by the excavator cab, in total safety.

The environment will also benefit from the addition of a BF120.4, all the debris can be reduced and reused on site.

Avoiding landfills fees, and consequently having a huge economic impact on acquisition of aggregates and hard-core. 

BF120.4 on a Caterpillar crushing reinforced concrete.

You need to be a registered contractor, a consultant or a player in the construction industry, then simply purchase the bucket crusher BF120.4 and you could claim back 70% of the cost from the CITF.

And at the same time begin to save a lot of money, which will make your company very competitive in the market.

Your excavator will be a mobile jaw crusher that can operate in urban areas or in remote areas, even where there are no roads, as the BF120.4 travel attached to the excavator and can reach anywhere. 

If you have considered a crusher in the past now it is the ideal time to buy MB Crusher, and take full advantage of innovative technology as well as funds benefits available. 
Reach out to enhance your fleet and start your application process.