Railway sleepers, reinforced poles or vineyard posts: a solution for inconvenient and expensive aggregates


Over time and after a number of projects, materials that are difficult and expensive to dispose of pile up. It costs to have them processed in recycling centers. The materials that are considered an unnecessary expense

Old light poles, columns and concrete pipes, railway sleepers, vineyard posts with spring steel: some shapes of material  seem to be more complicated and expensive to recycle. It's categorized as uncommon and costly inert material. 

Does it sound familiar to you? 

Una benna frantoio BF70.2 frantuma cemento armato e materiale inerte direttamente in cantiere.

With MB Crusher units, you can solve this issue easily and economically. 

  • Crush it quickly, directly on site; 
  • The iron does not get stuck and does not damage the crusher; 
  • Get the size of the material you want;
  • New revenue by recovering iron and aggregates
  • You can immediately recycle and reuse the material;
  • Avoid the costs of renting a crusher
  • You save on logistics and disposal costs in recycling centers, 


What do we mean?
In 4 minutes, an 8 meter long pole is devoured by MB’s crusher bucket and is turned into material ready to use – or for resale.

Awesome, right? 

A BF60.1 crusher bucket crushes concrete light poles.

It was done on a large company’s construction site in Brazil. The abandoned poles hadn’t been used on a site in years

It didn’t take much: one MB Crusher’s BF60.1 crushed the poles in a matter of minutes and the revenue was doubled. In iron and in inert material

From waste material considered unnecessary and expensive to an unexpected source of income, the time frame was short. 

The BF70.2 crusher bucket recycles both iron and aggregates, thanks to the iron separator.


With MB’s crusher bucket: 

  • no risk of cutting the conveyor belt
  • no risk of it getting jammed and stalling the machine;
  • no risk of stalling production for several days and incurring repair and maintenance costs.

MB Crusher units are your easy and cheap solutions to manage waste. The iron falls out of the bucket with the crushed material and thanks to the iron separator, you can select it and put it in a different pile

With the MB crusher, different sizes of material are obtained according to requirements.


You can do it directly on site, by just unscrewing a few bolts, inserting or removing the shims and adjusting the jaws according to your needs. 

And not only that: the material produced by MB’s crusher bucket is good quality and therefore ready, reusable or resold as needed. 


Because you can recycle inert material and iron Two companies, two success stories: recovering waste material and obtaining double the profit. On two construction sites, one in France and another in Bulgaria, they are recovering railway sleepers and reinforced concrete. With a BF90.3 and BF80.3 crusher bucket and their excavators, these companies can easily pick up sleepers and poles and crush them on the spot 
The iron comes out from the crusher and then is put in a different pile with the iron separator, installed directly on the crusher bucket

A quick and easy way for an otherwise delicate and complex process.

The BF70.2 crusher bucket recycles demolition material and concrete.


What’s better than optimizing time, when the project has a deadline? 
In Slovakia, the administration of a municipality needed to redo all the sidewalks, having heaps of inert material to be moved and brought to recycling centers or landfills.
A BF70.2 crusher bucket recycled the aggregate directly on site and used it without spending money on recycling centers or new material. 
It’s not necessary to calculate how much they saved, in terms of time and site logistics. 

The BF70.2 crusher bucket recycles sleepers to obtain ready-to-use material.


Why pay when you can have a real recycling center on site
This is what happened to one of our customers in the Czech Republic, who works with railways. Their problem was how to dispose of the sleepers, and how to avoid its demanding costs. After evaluating the option of renting a stand crusher (expensive and subject to breaking down due to the material) or hauling the material to a recycling center (large logistical and operational costs), they landed on MB Crusher. The solution was simple and… attached to their excavator! 
With the BF70.2 crusher bucket they recycled all the old sleepers directly on site. ​Without other costs.