Piero Guizzetti, CEO MB India: “We believe India to be one of the highest potential markets for our products.”

Piero Guizzetti - CEO MB India

[..]What are the equipment that can use your attachments? Do you provide brand specific adapters to install your attachments? Are they quick change
type for multiple attachments or only attachment specific?

MB has the largest line of crusher buckets and screening buckets suitable for use on excavators of any class, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders for application in demolition and recycling, quarries and mines, road works, piping, etc. Depending on the productivity requirement and material to be crushed, we suggest the right model to our customers.
In India, we find huge potential particularly in 20T class excavators and backhoe loaders.
Like any other attachment, it needs mounting bracket and necessary piping kit to work with the help of the hydraulics system of the main equipment. The customer has the option of purchasing the mounting bracket from us, which is fabricated based on brand and class of excavator. Customers also have the option of using a hydraulic quick coupler to reduce change periods between installations of different attachments, which is a bought out item.[..]

MB-L160 on Caterpillar backoe loader

Could you elaborate on the cost benefit analysis, which generates positive decisions from your customers?

With the help of MB crushers and screening buckets, customers can generate revenue from demolition material and over burden in mines, which otherwise has no commercial value.
In fact customers spend money for the disposal of such materials and it also occupies a lot of otherwise utilisable land. It allows on-site crushing of stone for producing sub-base material, thereby saving a lot of investments for applications such as road works.
In mines and quarries, it can crush materials with output sizes that may be easily adjustable.
Along with the client, we work out the procedural improvements and economic savings by avoiding or reducing transportation costs, requirements of loading equipment and improving speed of execution.

How do you visualise the Indian market size for your products? What are the challenges? What is the growth
potential in the next five years?

Since we have entered the Indian market for a little more than one year with feet on the ground, awareness about MB buckets needs to continually spread.
We are participating in various exhibitions, organising customer meets to inform the benefits of such innovative products in the infra segment and working with our commercial partners to reach out to customers.
Like for most products in the construction industry, finance is a critical issue. The financiers we are reaching are convinced about the viability and profitability of MB buckets. Operator training is another area that we are focusing on in India. It is important that we conduct regular on-site training programmes to improve their knowledge and skill level.
We have a very good year in 2015 considering that it’s a concept selling strategy at the moment. We have scattered installations throughout India with higher density in the Southern and Western parts of the country. In 2016, we plan to expand our dealer network in new states with partners that share our customer-driven vision and ensure capillary reach of the market. In the next three years, we strongly believe that we would significantly increase the delivery of new machines. [..]