An interview in Canada - The MB crusher bucket to break down asphalt and concrete

1)    Please tell us a little bit more about your company: What is your business activity? Town of Chestermere Public Works, we are a small lake municipality of about 15 thousand people.  My position is Assistant Director of Public Works.


2)    When did you buy our BF and which model? On which excavator is it mounted? We purchased the BF90.2 model to fit on our John Deer 220dw wheeled excavator in 2011.


3)   Which kind of jobs do you do with the BF? How do you use it?How did you hear about the bucket crusher and our company? We use our crusher to break down asphalt and concrete chunks that we bring back from construction jobs.  We found the MB crusher on the internet, when trying to find an economical way to recycle this material.


4)    What made you choose to buy our bucket crusher instead of a standard crusher? The volume of material we need to break down would not make a large machine economical.  With very little time needed to change out attachments on our excavator, it makes the crusher bucket efficient to set up and use.


5)    Using the bucket crusher has undoubtedly opened you to new possibilities and given you many advantages. In what terms did you manage to save money and add value to your work with the BF? How much time and resources can you save using it? The value and savings really work together. The value to us is that we can take the spoils from construction jobs, and instead of paying someone to take it away, we can reuse this material for new operational projects like road and sidewalk base construction. Where we need less aggregate brought in from suppliers by crushing our own, it creates savings.  As a Municipality, we use the crusher bucket when time allows, but on average about 2 -3 days a week when we have a stockpile.


6)    What do you think about the maintenance and use of the bucket crusher?  The maintenance requirements for the crusher bucket seem minimal.  A little attention to the crushing plate and regular greasing seem to be all that it takes. 


7)    Do you think our bucket crusher offers you new opportunities to be more competitive in the market? What are the main characteristics that distinguish the bucket crusher from other more conventional  crushing methods?  Where we are not in the commercial crushing industry, we have no need to be competitive.  We find the crusher allows us to save money on trucking the bulk material away from our projects, and then truck more material in for other projects.  Being more independent and recycling our own material helps us to be more fiscally responsible. 


8)    In the future, would you buy another product from MB? As you know, MB has been in the market  for over 10 years; we have recently designed and are now producing the screening bucket as well. Would you be interested in this new product?  Or would you preferably buy another bucket crusher?

We enjoy our MB crushing bucket.  I would have no issues with purchasing another or recommending this unit to others.